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I Am Enough Charmpad®

I Am Enough Charmpad®

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Introducing our Wellness Charmpad Collection - a specially designed series of notepads that offer more than just space for your notes and to-do lists. These Charmpads are created to provide you with an extra mental boost as you navigate your daily tasks and challenges. When your to-do list feels overwhelming, our Wellness Charmpad Collection is here to help you regain focus, positivity, and a sense of calm.

CHARMpad is the must-have notepad for list lovers wanting to stay organized. Showcase your style with the versatile paper accessory, perfect for desk and purse alike. Stylish and functional, this personalized notepad is a surefire way to bring your tasks to life or to make someone’s day with a special message. 

💜 Each tear-off sheet measures 4 X 4” and features a gold foil printed symbol, allowing you to express your personality. 50 Tear off sheets in the notepad

💜 Paper is a very pretty, relaxing lavender color

💜 Charmpad notes make an ideal, custom gift.


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