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Hello, List Lover

At Inclosed, we are thrilled to introduce you to Charmpad®- a unique and charming notepad designed to elevate your daily experiences. As a busy mom and business owner, I understand the overwhelming challenge of juggling numerous tasks and responsibilities. From keeping track of groceries to managing my son's baseball schedule and fulfilling orders, life moves at a rapid pace, making it hard to keep up!

Charmpad® was born out of the desire to bring a moment of calm, humor, or compassion to modern women like you, who are doing it all with incredible determination. We believe in empowering you to conquer your daily to-do lists with style and joy. Because you deserve that tiny moment of delight amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We see you, and we've got your back with Charmpad®! Let's add a touch of magic and organization to your journey together.

A new must have for sure!

Love how fun, cheeky and totally practical these notepads are! Pretty paper on my desk never hurt anybody.

Tara - Omaha, NE

I love everything there!

The Charmpads are the most adorable thing ever! Definitely would buy from them a billion more times at least.


Never Arrive Empty-Handed!

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Purpose On Paper

From writing down a daily affirmation to making lists, we designed a space where women feel seen and appreciated for doing all the things.

Make More Time For You

Make Those Lists, Sis!

Helping You Cross Off Your To Do's So You Can Do You

Designs As Unique As You

Because You're A Pen And Paper Kinda Girl

Elegant Simplicity

Love the quality and elegance of this notepad. Looks great on my desk. I will be ordering more!
Ashley - Kansas City, MO

I Am Thrilled

I received my box today, and I'm thrilled! Each pad is so dang cute! Love the packaging -- everything! Thanks for inventing these! Sheila

Hello, Stockists

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