Our Story

Inclosed Letterpress Co. is a design and letterpress shop located in Omaha, Nebraska.
We have been creating wedding invitations and paper goods since 2006. All of our products are handcrafted with love in our family-operated facility and hand-fed into our antique platen presses, one at a time, making each piece unique and specially made for you.

Meet Inclosed

Lesley Pick Lesley with her husband Chad & their son Fletcher.

I’m a second generation printer

Inspired by my parents entrepreneurial spirit and inheriting my dad’s love for design and printing, I created Inclosed in 2006.

Learning the biz at the age of six

One of the earliest memories I have is helping my dad in my parent’s print shop which was located in our family garage. My responsibilities included: Taping up boxes, applying shipping labels and babysitting my little sister while my dad printed. My hourly wage: Fresh chocolate-chip cookies!


I’m in love with the unknown history of each press that I’m printing on. I love the smell of ink. I love the smell of handmade paper. I love seeing each design come to life after the plate meets the paper. I love seeing customer’s reactions when they rub their hands over the impression. But mostly I love letterpress because I share it with my family.

WHEN I’m not printing

I enjoy going on walks with my husband Chad, our son Fletcher and our two pups: Addie and Mr. Poli. I have an addiction with antique shopping and going to estate sales. My favorite place on earth is Upcountry Maui where my mom is from. I hope to take my family there soon... preferably during our Nebraska winter!
The Craft

We cherish the craftsmanship of letterpress

Letterpress is a form of relief printing in which the raised surface of text and images is inked and then pushed onto paper. This leaves a deep impression, easily felt and seen on soft paper. Although the impression was not traditionally an effect desired by trade printers, today it is one of the most charming and beautiful characteristics of craft letterpress.

Letterpress printing dates back to 1440 when the first ever printing press was invented by Johann Gutenberg. Our antique presses do not date back that far, however, some are still over 100 years old and require a lot of love, patience and oil to keep them running - hopefully into the next century.

At Inclosed, we are advocates to keep the craft of letterpress alive. Each day brings new challenges and we have to figure them out, which can sometimes take hours. But we love it! Letterpress printing is our passion and we cannot imagine doing anything else.

We love paper

Here at Inclosed, our paper quality is just as important to us as the printing itself. Our letterpress invitations and stationery are printed on 100% premium cotton stocks which are environmentally friendly, luxurious and ideal for letterpress printing. Our cards and stationery are printed on either 92 lb or 236 lb paper; Our wedding invitations are printed on 236 lb paper.

We also carry a limited line of handmade papers which are crafted locally in Nebraska. All handmade papers are made from 100% recycled fibers and do not contain harmful chemicals or additives in the papermaking process. Each sheet of handmade paper is different in texture, weight and hue making each impression unique and special.
Pressed in the Midwest

Pressed in the Midwest

Pressed in the Midwest With a population close to one million people, Omaha is Nebraska’s largest city and best kept secret. It’s an incredibly diverse and culturally rich community that’s filled with creatives, Midwest values and endless possibilities. We have an amazing art and music scene along with exceptional education programs which makes living here pretty fun and smart! We may be landlocked but we still have plenty to do around town.